What to look for when buying men’s boardshorts

boardshortsIt’s summer in the north hemisphere. People tend to hit the beach with the hottest swimwear for the current year, men’s board shorts are a hot item this year. But what you should look for when choosing a board shorts to buy? Read on to find out.

From a fashionable point of view men’s board shorts are suitable for tall and short men. In case you are short the plain with solid colours are the best choice. For the tall men out there patterns or colour combinations will suit better.

Nowadays clever and smart men will look for a board shorts which is very practical, and what I mean with practical is that the shorts need to dry quickly and should be lightweight as well as allow movement for aquatic sports such as surfing. The best fabric options in this case are the polyester or a mixture of elastine and polyester.

For a better feeling when wearing the board shorts brands are applying suede, microsuede or wax which gives that soft touch.

Another very important thing to look when buying board shorts is the comfort. Features such as mesh sports short to keep the wet fabric away from the body with also built-in support are always welcome.

These are some tips to help you choose the right men’s board shorts for this summer, there are infinite options out there now will only depend on adding your personal preference when buying your board shorts.

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